Adriatic Glass & Mirrors Ltd. carries a wide variety of different glass and mirror textures, as well as different thicknesses. In glass, we stock thicknesses between 3mm-19mm and mirror 3mm-6mm.

The polishing technology is state of the art, as we can polish and bevel glass and mirror up to any thickness:

  • Flat Polish
  • Pencil Polish
  • Chamfer
  • Ogee Edge

  • Triple Pencil
  • Double Chamfer
  • Mitered
Adriatic Glass & Mirrors has multi-hole technology, which enables us to produce multiple holes in one piece of glass or mirror at a time. This offers an advantage for Adriatic Glass & Mirrors, as we are able to produce numerous holes per day.

If you are looking to put an intricate design in your glass or mirror, with engrooving technology at Adriatic Glass & Mirrors, we can produce any design a customer desires.

With the up-to-date CNC technology, we are able to fabricate up to 19 mm glass. This allows us to be a preferred supplier to the bath & door industries.


Adriatic's exclusive sandblasting technology allows us to add a white-glazed effect, which prevents visibility through the glazed piece. In addition, we also offer the ability to display imagery on glass through our sandblasting technology.