Adriatic Glass & Mirrors Ltd. has a variety of different machines and attempts to have the latest in glass and mirror fabrication equipment.
CNC Machines: Over the past 10 years, Adriatic Glass & Mirrors Ltd. has become very advanced by adding CNC machines for grinding straight and molded profiles.
  • Automatic profile relief performed directly by operating using electronic high precision feeler.
  • Realization of desired geometric profiles using automatic design station CAD/CAM.
  • C.N.C. automatic grooving machines with 4-axis operation and spindle rotation.
  • Execution of any geometric profile by linear and circular interpolation on X,Y and Z axes
Automated Cutting Line: In order to meet the needs of all our customers, cutting by hand would be insufficient. Adriatic Glass & Mirrors has had an automated cutting line for over 20 years, which has helped us grow and advance. With a new state-of-the-art automated cutting line, we have once again purchased a product, which will give us an edge over the competition. This new machine has immense capabilities such as:
  • Straight cutting at maximum speed, thanks to the pre-selection of the ideal cutting wheel.
  • Open profile cutting with different pressures and wheels
  • Application of special tools for cutting plastic film on sheets for subsequent sandblasting or painting.
  • Application of rotary tool for surface machining of glass.
  • Application of special writing tools for surface designs.
  • Customizing of the tool magazine according to current and future needs.